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Screen: Special Showings

Retro Treasures

When: Fri., Oct. 11, 7 p.m. 2013

The Carolina's various "Retro" series present a lot of excellent double features, but this pair of 1980s cult crime thrillers is worth leaving the house for. First, before there was Anthony Hopkins (and Mads Mikkelsen on TV), there was Brian Cox as Dr. Hannibal "Lecktor" in Michael Mann's Manhunter, a 1986 adaptation of Thomas Harris' Red Dragon that should have made William Petersen a star for his portrayal of obsessive profiler Will Graham. While not a hit at the time, it's earned a cult reputation (and was once parodied on South Park) and deserves a new look on the big screen. Plus Tom Noonan's "Tooth Fairy" is one of the scariest killers in the history of film. Then there's the film that put the Coen Brothers on the map, their debut Blood Simple, the not-so-simple tale of a love triangle, a jealous husband and a sleazy P.I. (cagey character actor M. Emmet Walsh at his M. Emmet Walsh-est). It combines bullets and murder with the confusion of a Three's Company episode, to the point that the heroine (Frances McDormand) still doesn't understand who's trying to kill her by the end. —Zack Smith

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