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Regard: An Exhibition of Reciprocal Portraits

When: Jan. 16-Feb. 12, 4:30 p.m. 2017

When artists look at their own work, it's like looking in a mirror. But what might their peering faces look like from the back of the glass? That notional space is given intriguing form in REGARD, a new exhibit at Meredith College that divides a mix of local and national artists into fifteen pairs and charges them with creating "reciprocal portraits." Not random, the pairings are based on existing personal connections, so the exploration of how we see through art is bolstered by a consonant theme: how we see our friends and loved ones. These thirty artists—including David Eichenberger and Shaun Richards, Caitlin Cary and Skillet Gilmore, and exhibit curators Sherry di Filippo and Janet Link—refract one another through drawing, painting, video, photography, and mixed media, trapped on either side of the gossamer glass, saying, this is you, and this is you. The exhibit runs through Feb. 12. —Brian Howe

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