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Re: UNC football; Derrick McRae

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UNC football fans a touchy bunch

I want to congratulate you on fitting right in with the other media that has done zero research on what actually happened at UNC (“An Offensive Pick for a Defensive Coach at UNC,” Jan. 14). That or you are an absolute total racist. (I doubt that is the case.) Here is a question I am 99 percent sure you do not know the answer to. Who had more members involved in the Academic issue at UNC?

A. The football team

B. Students who majored in AFAM programs

C. Members of fraternities and sororities

Since you would jump right to A you would be wrong. The answer is C!!!!!

But that is because once again instead of looking at the facts you simply parrot other journalists who have never bothered to look into the actual problem. Now only one of two things is possible here. One you have done zero actual research into the AFAM scandal at UNC. Two you actually are looking at this in racist terms. I find it very hard to believe that you are in fact a racist. I think the far more likely scenario is you're lazy.

James Roberts

Racism put Derrick McRae in prison

About the documentation of racial profiling that runs rampant in corrupt Richmond County and the towns of Rockingham, Roberdel, and Hamlet ("Hunt for Justice," Jan. 7): It doesn't faze me that to this day it continues. This young man was prime bait in the set-up of a murder of a white man. He was sentenced to prison by the misconduct of corrupt individuals, which includes not only the D.A.'s office but also the local law enforcement. Rockingham hasn't changed. It's still racist citywide. Derrick McRae has lost half his life in prison for a murder he didn't commit.

Raymond George, Chapel Hill


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