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Re: Tom Tomorrow; Jordan Lake


Missing the point

Why would you print the inane letter from Tunisia O. Muhammed criticizing the This Modern World cartoon as suggesting that Barack Obama coddles terrorists and is a Muslim? To show the insane depths to which some of us have become completely tone-deaf to satire, or just unable to read a simple text, all out of a misplaced desire for "sensitivity" (never mind that the author's point of view is exactly the same as the critic's)? If so, you've succeeded, although we don't need more proof of that sad fact. Such comments are just embarrassing. I hope one day The Onion will satirize such drivel.

Mark Sigmon

Where is Jordan Lake?

After wading through reports of Durham County Commissioner Michael Page's shenanigans regarding the new survey for the Jordan Lake critical area watershed, I realized that he seems to see all this as a paper fight and his ego precludes actually looking at the real problem. I believe he does not even begin to understand what the terms "Jordan Lake permanent pool" and "critical watershed" mean.

Developer Neal Hunter certainly planned well ahead when he bought a new survey that fit his need to build a high-density mini-city in the critical area (which is also part of a Durham County Inventory Site). He then managed to get the former planning director to sign off on the new survey without allowing elected officials to see the results. Now he has presented his development plan and is pleading his case as a poor pitiful citizen who has invested big money. He has apparently bought or captured enough votes from the new Board of County Commissioners to wreck a new survey. Moving right along ...

But this situation is not about Page or Hunter. It is about where the Jordan Lake permanent pool is actually located and how far it is from the proposed construction. It is about the water quality of the lake and about the water Durham will be drinking when the next drought-of-record comes along. Commissioners, please send a survey crew out there and find the true critical area distance from the lake.

Liz Pullman
Austin, Texas

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