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Re: The Legislature; climate change


Re: Legislature

Thank you many times over for posting the week's N.C. legislative bills passed ["This week in disappointment," May 15]. Also for the statistics page. Both are very helpful in keeping abreast of the insanity of the radical Republicans in our state government. I like the succinctness of your reporting and the lack of emotionality in expression. That lets each of us readers decide for ourselves.

Phyllis Horn, Pittsboro

Re: Climate change

As a college student living in Durham with 100 other people in my dorm, I notice when people have allergies. Our walls are not nearly thick enough to block the sounds of room after room of people sneezing and hacking away from all of the pollen. And, like Elizabeth Van Brocklin notes in her article "Spring's tiny troublemaker" [April 17], I think climate change is behind the sneezes.

Unfortunately, the 35 million Americans who endure pollen-related allergies aren't the only ones negatively affected by the highest-ever levels of carbon dioxide in our air. Allergies are just the tip of the iceberg. Carbon pollution is linked to an increase in intensity and frequency of heat waves, precipitation in some areas, drought in others, severe weather events, increased fire and pest outbreaks, and increased smog.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. Power plants produce more carbon pollution in the U.S. than anything else, but right now there are no national standards limiting emissions from power plants. On March 27, 2012, the EPA proposed the Carbon Pollution Standard for New Power Plants, but it has yet to be approved. The standard would create cleaner power plants and help protect all of us. It's time for the EPA to act and finalize this standard.

Leah Catotti, Durham

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