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Re: Slow Money; the film 42


Re: Slow Money

As a college student and foodie living in Durham, I love the chance to go off campus and enjoy places such as Cocoa Cinnamon, because let's be honest, it tastes much better than dorm food and it's a great opportunity to support local farmers.

Even though North Carolina has more than 200 farmers markets and 150 organic farms, less than 1 percent of food sold comes from local sources. Unfortunately, large factory farms are the dominating source of food, and these types of companies contribute to a whole host of environmental problems, especially water pollution from contamination of nutrients, pathogens and pesticides.

Efforts such as Slow Money NC, mentioned in David Fellerath's article "Radical finance" [May 22], help local farmers stay in business and continue to provide sustainable, healthy, delicious food to consumers. It's a win-win!

Jennifer Levin, Durham

Re: The film 42

Am I correct in assuming that your published one-star "rating" for the film 42 ["Here's to you, Jackie Robinson," April 10] was simply a typo?

If not, may I offer a modest proposal on behalf of your more trusting and slightly more gullible readers? Scrap the obviously flawed "rating system" and merely provide the movie's title and a short plot summary.

Lynn Elwell, Durham

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