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Re: Sidney Harr responds


Let's assume that everything written about me in John Tucker's Aug. 21 INDY Week article ("The avenger") is absolutely true: that I am a paranoid gadfly with impish freckles and bushy white eyebrows who flits around forging signatures, conning people out of their property, filing hundreds of frivolous lawsuits and crisscrossing the country destroying people's lives.

At day's end, the aforementioned has no bearing on the following four irrefutable facts related to Duke lacrosse victim/accuser Crystal Mangum's criminal case in which she is charged with murder in the death of boyfriend Reginald Daye: (1) the April 14, 2011, autopsy report on Daye by the state medical examiner is false and fraudulent; (2) Duke University Hospital is solely responsible for Daye's death due to an errant esophageal intubation; (3) the larceny charge against Mangum lacks probable cause as Daye even admitted to giving the alleged stolen cashier's checks to her, and prosecution lacks an eyewitness; and (4) the governor, lieutenant governor, N.C. state and federal politicians, the N.C. State Bar, the N.C. Medical Board, civil rights organizations and media, both local and national, are all aware of the injustices in the vendetta prosecution of Mangum (as payback for her role in the Duke lacrosse case) and have elected to remain silent and idle.

I accept full responsibility for actions that punched my ticket for an extended tour of hell, where I encountered Satan and his disciples and saw the devil's work up close. Had it not been for those painful experiences, I would not be able to recognize today's demons and their plots to corrupt and hijack the justice system from unknowing Tar Heelians.

The failure of mainstream media to report, investigate and editorialize on real threats to the integrity of the state's justice system threatens the integrity of journalism itself.

Sidney B. Harr
Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong

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