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Re: RIDE: The Indy Bike Guide

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As avid recreational cyclists, my wife, Lucy, and I were were extremely pleased to read the RIDE section of the recent INDY. It is a great beginning of a effort to promote the wonderful cycling opportunities in the Triangle and confront the obstacles such as too few decent bike lanes.

We hope you will continue regular feature articles or a column on Triangle Biking.Two suggestions for future pieces: Use the chapter topics of Mike Magnuson's Bike Tribes to feature the local bike subcultures (Ed, the owner, and the Cyclelogic shop on Hillsborough Street could be Raleigh's Bike Tribe centerpoint). Feature the segments of popular road routes and greenway trails such as the wonderful Neuse River trail.

Thank you again for RIDE.

Dan Chartier, Raleigh

I enjoyed your edition focusing on Triangle cycling, but was dismayed to see bicycle commuting barely mentioned.

Commuting by bicycle is an increasingly popular alternative to clogged roads, but few people consider it. I started in the 1980s, commuting from downtown Durham to RTP, eventually getting the trip down below 30 minutes, as compared to 20 by car. Now, I commute 7 miles each way, enjoying exercise, while saving money and minimizing my carbon footprint. It adds very little time to my day, costs much less than a gym membership and lets me enjoy the scenery and terrain that cars tend to obscure. But far too many folks don't even consider bike commuting as viable.  With some planning of routes, clothing changes, and other considerations, bicycle commuting can be a great choice and one seemingly in harmony with the INDY's values.

Here's hoping you can perhaps provide bike commuting advocacy and pointers in a future issue!

Todd Jones, Hillsborough


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