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Re: Our swagger; Glenn Beck; O.C. waste transfer site


Our swagger

Please consider making the next issue of the Indy swaggerless. And this includes using the word "Stones-like" before the word "swagger." Thank you.

Kris Walz

Goon riles up dear old folks

Thank you for the Glenn Beck article ("Tears of a clown," by Hal Crowther, Oct. 28). I pay little attention to the entertainment "news" agencies and had been wondering who this goon was who was riling up my dear old folks. I'm rarely surprised by the lowness of the characters offered these positions (at least the pro-wrestling "heels" are clearly actors, if poor ones), but I'm always disgusted by it.

Geoff Balme, Ph.D.

O.C. waste transfer site

I am writing to make known the objections to the 10-acre Paydarfar site off Millhouse Road for the location of Orange County's waste transfer site.

(1) It was "introduced" into the selection process very late and without any of the evaluation or public discussion/ input that all other sites correctly received. In fact, this land was originally rejected during the early phases of the process.

(2) It would continue to prolong the recognized and documented environmental racial injustice that the Rogers Road/ Millhouse Road communities have endured now for more than 30 years.

(3) It situates a countywide waste transfer site literally right next door to planned future soccer fields on the former Blackwood property, which Chapel Hill now owns and which our children will use on a daily basis.

(4) It will increase heavy truck traffic on Eubanks Road (due to 18-wheelers going out from the site to the highway) and on Millhouse Road (the southern stretch being the "direct" entrance/ exit to the site and the northern stretch being the most direct access to the site from all points north). The increase in heavy truck traffic on the northern stretch of Millhouse is especially disturbing due to its negative impact on the Emerson Waldorf School, which borders both sides of this road and whose students cross Millhouse throughout the day on a regular basis.

I strongly encourage all Orange County citizens to inform themselves of the process and factors of how this important decision is made and to voice their opinions to the Orange County Commissioners.

Edward Garvey, Ph.D.
Chapel Hill

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