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Re: No Place on Earth review


In the closing lines of your review of No Place on Earth, David Fellerath states that the film might have been improved had it asked what exactly the non-Jewish Ukrainians were doing during World War II while their Jewish neighbors were being hunted to extinction. I agree such treatment would have improved the film, but not likely in a direction that you intended to suggest to readers roused by your statement.

What a factual and fair treatment would have dealt with was that Ukrainians were being slaughtered by both Soviets and Nazis in numbers that made this nation the killing ground of the war. Of the 50 million killed on all sides during the war, a conservative count of 10 million Ukrainian dead means that they represented 20 percent of all World War II casualties. It's fair to say that every Ukrainian family, village and town suffered devastating losses in this conflict.

On a lesser point, the name of the city in Western Ukraine you used, Lvov, is out of date. This ancient city was called Lemberg by the Austro-Hungarians when it was the capital of Wester Galicia. The Poles called it Lwow when they controlled it at various times in history. The Russians called it Lvov, which was appropriate usage until 1991 when Ukraine won its independence. The ancient and current Ukrainian name is Lviv.

Daniel L. Goetz, Durham

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