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Re: Move to Amend; Adios, N.C.


Re: Move to Amend

Well, it's finally there in print in Bob Geary's news article "Move to Amend: Overturn Citizens United" [July 18]—the Progressive attack against Citizens United is all about curbing citizens' First Amendment rights.

You wouldn't think a newspaper would admit it's in favor of that type of totalitarian mission. Apparently the Indy is willing to open its authoritarian kimono.

As Geary says in his article: "A movement could lead to a simple change to the Constitution limiting people's First Amendment rights." WOW!!

This is pretty scary stuff when someone in the media advocates stifling dissent. I don't expect the Indy to acknowledge capitalism's transcendent role in promoting liberty and freedom, even though we all know that government (not business) is the greatest threat to liberty and that private property rights are our great defense.

But to actually advocate censorship of dissenting views? Shameful and reckless.

Dick Ford

Re: Adios, N.C.

I have sold my house and am headed back north in hopes of finding a more amenable climate—both political and weather-wise. When I moved to N.C. in 1996, I was impressed that for a "Southern state" N.C. seemed quite progressive in terms of education, business, transportation, the environment and other important matters. That changed dramatically in the 2010 elections when in my judgment N.C. took a hard turn to the right and shifted into reverse gear. The North Carolina of Bill Friday, Jim Hunt, Terry Sanford, Jim Goodnight, Jim Goodmon, Harvey Gantt, Erskine Bowles, etc. seems to be disappearing into the mists of time. There are troubling signs that Jim Crow is on the march again. And then there is the recent passage of Amendment 1, pro-fracking legislation, crazy proposed legislation mandating how to estimate sea level rise, etc. All very disturbing! To make things worse, the summers seem to be getting longer and hotter.

I leave hoping that N.C. comes to its senses in November 2012 and beyond.

Jud Lawrie

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