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Re: Lunchboxes and Indian food; Mary and more


Re: Lunchboxes and Indian food

I absolutely loved two articles in your Feb. 1 issue: "Sealed for your protection" and "Vegetarians rejoice."

When I read "Sealed for your protection," I enjoyed not only the history of the bucket lunchbox that I so dearly remember from my childhood but also the analogies [Lisa Sorg] used to describe her father, items in the box and the transition to a sack lunch. It was well-written, entertaining and informative. It's rare I get so much enjoyment out of an article. What's more, it is a lovely reminder for all of us to tuck little notes anywhere our loved ones will find them!

Since I love Indian food, "Vegetarians rejoice" grabbed my attention at first sight, although I can honestly say it is a rare occasion that I ever finish a restaurant review. I love this review because, again, it was written with charm, wit and honesty. It was refreshing to learn something from a review and not just the taste or quality of the food. Amber [Nimocks] made me want to run out to find the Sai Krishna Bhavan restaurant and indulge my taste buds in lemon pickle, dosas of all types, coconut chutney and a "sturdy masala chai" that I hankered for to tame my squealing stomach. And Amber lifted my spirit because she trained me to enjoy any Indian restaurant much more in the future.

Thank you to both of you for indulging my senses in nostalgia and favorite foods.

Beatrice Vanni

Re: Mary and more

I commend The Indy for several notable articles. Like other readers, I want to acknowledge the excellent reporting done by Anna Blackshaw ("Faces of the help," Jan. 11) about the conditions many domestic workers still face when working in our homes and universities. Here in Durham and Chapel Hill it is the underbelly of our life. Exposing the abuses through the women's voices was very powerful. Thank you.

The Indy profile of Mary Semans ("The possible dream," Feb. 1)—and yes it's true, she was Mary to many of us—written by Adam Sobsey was excellent! Sobsey's coloring of Mary made me even more thankful that I grew up in this odd and interesting town Durham, so shaped in many ways by Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans and her efforts.

Another article that caught my eye, "So long, suckers" (Feb. 1) by Bob Geary, was also excellent. It was a good poke at my party the Democrats. I can see I have been missing some very fine writing.

I haven't been a reader of the Indy for a pretty long time. As a feminist it's hard to take seriously a progressive paper that still in the 21st century can't come up with a financial business model that doesn't exploit women. It's sad that women's sexual work is generating ad revenue. The ads that exploit women sully the good progressive thinking and talented writers.

I started out just wanting to praise your excellent writers but then I couldn't do it without a nudge too!

Cookie Teer

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