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Re: Legislative preview; Voodoo economics; Reynolds Price at Duke


Re: Legislative preview

Bouquets to Bob Geary, Joe Schwartz, Samiha Khanna and Travis Fain for superb reporting on the depressing and tragic future for North Carolina in education, justice and finances (cover stories, Jan. 26). Thanks to the goals of the Republican majority, this state's due to take giant, unconscionable steps backward.

Nancy Rogers Yaeger

Re: Voodoo economics

Jonathan Weiler is right ("The return of voodoo economics," Jan. 26). Any discussion of government spending without consideration of income (aka taxes) is dishonest and manipulative in the extreme. While everything he says about the GOP is true, it is only half the picture. The Democratic Party engages in the same insane, manipulative use of the deficit issue.

To quote from the article on state budget cutting in the same Indy issue, "She [Gov. Perdue] has said repeatedly that she won't call for a tax increase to compensate for other revenues not in the budget this year." Instead, major cuts in all state programs, including layoffs of teachers, are on the table. We have a Democratic president and his deficit commission promoting the same deficit obsession as Weiler decries, while at the same time making deals with congressional Republicans to extend the deficit-expanding, King George-era tax cuts for the wealthy.

Yes, the Democrats engage in the same deceitful, manipulative process. Their version is: Economic necessity and political reality made us cut funding for education. The GOP boogeyman made us do it. Fear them. Vote for us.

We must do what Mr. Weiler is unwilling to do: Confront the way that we have been manipulated and betrayed by the entire political class in this country. Both Republican and Democrat are unable and unwilling to honestly address our economic crisis. And hence we hurtle headlong toward further catastrophe.

Jim Senter
Former Chair, Person County Democratic Party

Re: Reynolds Price at Duke

One wonders what Mr. Price thought of using "author" as a verb (Front Porch, Jan. 26). Can we not do better?

Pat "Not an English Major" Carstensen

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