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Re: Kay Hagan and Obamacare


Re: Kay Hagan and Obamacare

In response to Bob Geary's article "The Most Moderate Senator"(March 5),  I couldn't help but be sad. Time and time again politicians (Republican and Democratic) are more focused on getting their "team" to win than actually looking at the bigger picture.  Why is Jim Senter arguing Hagan is not Democratic enough?  These extreme parties are what prevents Congress from getting anything done. The parties just want to win their fight and prove the other party wrong, not actually help the cause.

Many people like myself who are moderate are then alienated. As for the "central lie" that people who had good insurance are losing it: My insurance doubled in price and my coverage was cut considerably since the Affordable Care Act. As someone who financially struggles to make ends meet as it is, that "lie" seems more like the truth to me.

Mark Fine, Cary

In his article, Mr. Geary says middle-class people will pay less for Obamacare, after subsidies, for better coverage. More lies from the liberal left.

My wife and I make about $85,000 gross from her pay and my Social Security. Subsidies? Really? Sorry, not eligible.

As far as coverage, the cost of Obamacare is about $300 more a month if we dropped our coverage and tried to get comparable coverage. Worse, the deductible under Obamacare would be about 10 times what our deductible is now.

Please stop urinating on my leg and trying to convince me it's raining.

Dominick Ferraro, Cary

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