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Re: JFK, Oswald and Raleigh; Kiwis; Chapel Hill Town Council


Re: JFK, Oswald and Raleigh

I enjoyed reading the article concerning the Raleigh Call ["JFK, Oswald and the Raleigh connection," Nov. 14]. My personal connection to this story is that my grandmother was John Hurt's wife's best friend and co-worker. Hurt also had ties to New Orleans, which also figures into other conspiracy theories concerning the assassination of President Kennedy. There were also Cuban expatriates living in the same apartment building with him, which would not be remarkable today but certainly would have been in 1960s Raleigh.

What is most interesting is that the FBI never took even the most basic step of interviewing Hurt, though the State Bureau of Investigation did send an agent to conduct an interview, during which Hurt denied having any association with Oswald.

Time, government and a complicit media pulled a veil over this little-known part of our history both as a nation and a city for decades, and with Hurt deceased, his residence now a parking lot and Oswald assassinated himself the day after making the Raleigh Call, we will never know how significant this phone call to an ex-army intelligence officer was. But isn't it interesting how so much of the evidence from the Kennedy assassination has been obliterated?

Mark Aman

Randolph Benson's account of the Raleigh Call relates an important yet ignored piece of the JFK assassination puzzle. The article relies on postings from the Internet and interviews with Grover Proctor, who wrote an account of the incident in Raleigh's Spectator weekly in 1980. However, his article does not mention Spectator, as if Proctor became well known as the progenitor of the story out of thin air.

Proctor's recollection that he discovered the reference to the Raleigh Call after reading the book Conspiracy by Anthony Summers and alerted me has replaced the actual chronology in his mind. Indeed, a simple check of the dates will reveal I assigned Proctor to write about it for Spectator before the book was published. But that's a quibble. I am far more concerned that Spectator, which assigned and published the accounts of the Raleigh Call, is not referred to in Benson's article.

Proctor and I, he as a writer with contacts within the JFK assassination theorists and I as editor, worked as a team day and night to publish the story on deadline for the next issue of Spectator. I participated in the telephone calls Proctor placed (I have the tapes), asked questions and worked closely with him as his editor in the preparation of the two installments.

Thus I am perplexed why I was not contacted, since Spectator was the first news organization to break the story.

Bernie Reeves

The writer is editor and publisher of Metro Magazine and founder of the Raleigh Spy Conference.

Re: Kiwis

Thanks for the article on kiwi growing ["So fragile, so sweet," Nov. 7]. My dad in eastern Virginia tried growing kiwis for years. The catalog that he ordered from guaranteed their plants, so he had several replaced, balancing male and female plants. His vines were eventually very healthy with blooms, but never fruit. This went on for 27 years until 2004 when he finally got fruit. My parents moved to a retirement home that fall so their first crop was their last. Thanks for triggering the memory of his persistence.

Hunter Daughtrey

Re: Chapel Hill Town Council

Will Chapel Hill never stop looking for problems in its maze of demands for political correctness? ["A woman shortage in Chapel Hill," Oct. 12.]

I am female and Jewish, and I was astounded by an early passing reference to perhaps maintaining a Jewish Town Council member seat. I am also a supporter of Lillian's List and Emily's List, but finding someone who consistently considers the welfare of the whole town is the most important Town Council criterion.

I campaigned for Jon DeHart in the last Town election, and I think he fills that requirement admirably. However, I have been pleading with George Cianciolo for years to run for Town Council, and since at last he feels he has the time to be on Town Council, Cianciolo is the pre-eminent front-runner in qualifications right now to be appointed to the coming vacant seat.

Lynne Kane
Chapel Hill

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