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Re: Jesus, marketed

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Jesus, marketed

I graduated from Duke Divinity School when Will Willimon was dean of Duke Chapel. Upon reading his comments about Jesus, Interrupted author Bart Ehrman ("What did Jesus do?," by Fiona Morgan, March 25), I was reminded of some of the reasons I left the ministry. Willimon's reaction is typical of those in the religi-business. He is well aware that Ehrman's academic approach to the scripture is sound, and that his ideas are cogent and well-researched, so in good Christian fashion, Willimon launches a personal attack against Ehrman.

Gotta love those church folk. When you question their invisible friend, and your logic is sound, they drop all that Christ-like crap and go for the jugular. Aside from that, Willimon's made a bundle off Jesus—Ehrman's bad for business.

H. Brannen
Siler City


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