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Re: History in your voice; Delta Rae


Re: History in your voice

Thank you, Durham, for turning out in droves for the History Hub's open house last Friday night ("The Durham History Hub focuses on stories over artifacts," July 18).

Despite several bouts of rain, more than 500 visitors stopped by to look at exhibit plans for this first home of the Museum of Durham History. The rainbow of Post-it note comments on the designer renderings provided lots of good ideas and feedback on the vision of Durham's first history museum—all part of the two-way conversation we'll continue in the months to come. The event marked our first major gathering of public input, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

Thanks also to the generous help of local businesses and musicians who provided refreshments and entertainment. We're lucky to be part of such a vibrant, supportive community, indicative of the renaissance taking shape in downtown Durham.

Stay tuned, Durham. Much more to come.

Katie Spencer
Executive Director, Museum of Durham History

Re: Delta Rae

After reading David Klein's fair-minded profile of Delta Rae ("Sudden sparks," July 25), I was disappointed by Grayson Currin's unnecessarily dismissive review of their debut, Carry the Fire. While I agree with much of the actual criticism offered (overwrought, bombastic), Currin can't resist lobbing on the ridicule, adding insult to injury. Delta Rae's big sound may be calibrated toward the broadest audience, but their Americana is no more a pose than the other bands Currin positively cites in the review (and that genre's misguided quest for authenticity is a whole other discussion ... ). The music staff's coverage of this band has been full of contempt, and I just don't understand the animosity. How about giving them a chance to grow before tearing them down?

Lance Westerlund
Chapel Hill

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