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Re: Hal Crowther & Republicans

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Republicans will be our ruin

Hail Hal! The Indy has finally returned to its former glory as a proactive progressive and liberal mouthpiece ("The Tea Party," May 5).

Hal Crowther has encouraged me to add my two "sense." All of the recent—and not-so-recent—disasters to strike America have one thing in common: Republican fingerprints all over them. From the crash of Wall Street and the national (indeed global) economy, to the deadly Massey Energy/ Upper Big Branch coal mine explosion, to the fatal BP/ Deep Water Horizon explosion and oil leak, vestiges of lax or no regulatory safeguards harken back to the Bush II years.

For as learned folks know, Republicans do not govern, they rule—as if the U.S. were a company or a kingdom. And they don't run government, they ruin it, handing over even more power and profit to the already privileged and the private sector. Do we really want the folks and party responsible for all these recent and previous disasters to be in office and power? Just look at what they are doing to the nationally recognized Wake County Public School System!

Their unfettered "crapitalism" and greed ultimately leads to disaster for the majority of us little guys. And things will only get worse if any Tea Party activists get elected to office! Vote Democratic for democracy!

Ted Stains
Willow Spring

The Tea Party invokes Gandhi

The only thing more entertaining than reading a column from lefty loony Hal Crowther is reading the letters from other lefties that he's either a) wonderful or b) not lefty enough. It's great seeing the left vilify the Tea Party movement. The more we're denigrated, the bigger the movement becomes. After watching the economy in Greece collapse, a government spending shot has been heard around the world. The nanny state is unsustainable. The Tea Party is all about stopping the insane federal spending now occurring here. Just remember Gandhi's words, "First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. Then they attack you. Then you win."

Bruce Stanley


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