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Re: Gran Torino review


Movie review on target

Hearty congratulations are certainly in order for Neil Morris' superb review of Gran Torino in this week's Independent ("Old man and old gun," Jan. 7). Your conclusion is right on the mark: Eastwood has been taking us for a ride for years. His so-called credits include several of the most senseless, pandering films of the modern era. Of course the eternal search for John Wayne continues, he of deft timing in such memorable lines as "What is that in the road ... a head?" and "What are we having for dinner tonight ... mother?"

What did H.L. Mencken say? I don't think there's a way, or need, to count them.

I'm fairly new to Raleigh but I have been most impressed with the movie reviews in the Independent. Keep up the good work.

Allen Paul

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Re: "Craft beers embraced, encouraged in the Triangle," Beer Hopping, by Julie Johnson:

"NC continues to grow as a great place to have a pint. And BTW a great place to read about having one too! Kudos to the INDY for having them host Julie's column." —glennh2os, Cary

"Well imagine my good fortune to know two of the founders of a new local brewery!! And to debut with my favorite beer style to boot! I have a hefeweizen carbonating now at my home because I can't find any local :) I hope you guys keep us posted on the latest developments. I don't want to miss a thing!" —Bob A., Durham

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