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Re: Conservatism's high tide; Don't close Dix; More wood-fired pizza


Re: Conservatism's high tide

I would like to explain why Bob Geary is ignorant of the theory that the Great Depression dragged on for about a decade directly due to the actions taken by the government ("Drowning in the 'high tide' of conservatism," Citizen, Dec. 1). In fact, Geary states the reason in his second paragraph: "history is written by the victors."

Our education, media, etc., have been dominated by liberals and progressives for all of Geary's life. Intolerance and ridicule of other views are the norm in a liberal world. Geary has all the talking points and ridicule in his tax-cuts-for-the-rich statement. We have heard liberals harp about "tax cuts for the rich" for almost 10 years (and still do), yet working families of five-figure incomes will be paying thousand more in federal income tax if Obama eliminates the Bush tax cuts for the rich. Surprise—those tax cuts were mostly for the middle class, so why can't a single liberal admit that?

The first step would be to listen to a recent NPR report on Social Security. Yes, the uber-liberal NPR talking about SS as a Ponzi scheme, the nonexistence of the trust fund and the real possibility of total failure. It shouldn't be long before they do a similar report on Medicare and Medicaid. Social engineering government programs not only caused the Great Depression to drag on but also affect us today. They are causing our current minor recession (which ended 1 1/2 years ago) to be jobless, with no recovery in sight unless we reverse course, and are causing a very serious ongoing debt and spending problems that our Congress (both Dems and Republicans) has allowed to occur.

I would suggest a fair discussion of these subjects, but I know it won't happen in the Indy or our schools. But conservatives will save you in spite of yourselves.

Terry Duff

Re: Don't close Dix

I really liked the articles about Dorothea Dix State Hospital in the Dec. 8 edition, especially the one written by the former patient (First Person by Robert Bullock). I know people with mental disabilities (autism, Asperger's, and somebody else who has been in and out of Dix over the years), and they are a gift if you get to know them. The help they've received has allowed them to do more than they could have otherwise—thanks to Dorothea Dix. My husband's aunt has schizophrenia, and his family is very thankful that she is well taken care of in a good state hosptial.

Carol Baverstock

Re: More wood-fired pizza

Emily Matchar's review of Bella Mia in Cary was a good article (Dish, Dec. 8), but I'm surprised that she was unaware of Durham's wood-fired pizza mecca, The Broad Street Cafe. We've been turning out great wood-fired pizzas since August 2008. Greg Cox and Bob Garner both had rave reviews of not only our pizza but the rest of the menu as well.

John Hite
Co-owner, The Broad Street Cafe

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