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Re: College football damages; Genrefication; The GOP


Re: College football damages

One issue that I was hoping this article ("Can college football survive?" Aug. 31) would at least touch upon is college football's survival in the face of rapidly increasing evidence that organized football is doing unconscionable damage to the brains and bodies of these players. One would hope that at least at the university level, where millions of dollars are spent examining issues of health and safety, this would cause some concern. It is good to see UNC's team placing accelerometers in the players' helmets to collect data on their collisions. It would be better to see the threats to football players' health mentioned when discussing threats to the state of football.

Daniel Moadel

Re: Genrefication

Excellent point overall, especially in the context of Hopscotch ("The unlearned: Music's quest for the unidentifiable," Hopscotch Guide, Sept. 7). I think it's hard for the human brain to resist classification, so maybe we have to learn to rely on our personal genre definitions for our own personal use and leave it at that.

Andrew Jones

Re: The GOP

Republicans don't actually stand for anything, and the funny thing is, no one asks them to ("Anti-gay marriage amendment? N.C. voters see it like this, Citizen, Sept. 7).

After watching Republicans hate on the people who voted for Democrats I realized in order for Republicans to even get elected, they need to exploit the emotions of people using anti-gay rhetoric along with some fear mongering like "death panels" mixed with contentious associations such as the anti-ACORN and Planned Parenthood right-wing propaganda. Throw all that in with the "Obama is a Kenyan Muslim" stuff and you get a lot of ignorant people throwing away their votes on the worst possible candidate. Take away these tools of fear from the Republican Party and you are left with nothing. Crickets.

Daniel Phelan

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