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Re: Chill fracking


Chapel Hill is supposed to be a town built on environmental awareness, fiscal sustainability and public safety. We expect it to be a safe, fun and healthy place to live. Yet the possibility of fracking looms near.

I was pleased to see "N.C. State professors among scientists protesting fracking subcommittee" published Aug. 11 on (Triangulator blog).

Contrary to previous belief, fracking is not environmentally friendly. The EPA recently announced that fracking may be to blame for causing groundwater pollution. Each fracking operation uses between 80 tons and 330 tons of chemicals. Nine of these chemicals are known/ probable carcinogens. These toxic chemicals can seep into groundwater, poisoning many. Not only that, fracking can produce high levels of methane and benzene. In some places near fracking sites, high levels of methane in the water supply allow people to light their tap water on fire.

Chemicals, high levels of methane and contaminated water do not belong here in Chapel Hill. Fracking is currently illegal—and it should stay that way. We do not want our children to have health problems because of a misjudgment by the populace. Legalizing fracking could be a fatal mistake.

Tejal Patwardhan
Chapel Hill

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