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Re: Chatham and 287(g); Monte Montgomery


Bravo, Chatham Co. Commissioners

I applaud the Chatham County Commissioners for taking a rational and ethical stance in deciding not to cooperate with the 287(g) program ("Next verse, same as the first," by Matt Saldaña, Feb. 4).

The federal law 287(g) was created with the intention of quickly removing from the U.S. serious criminals—drug traffickers, rapists, murders, etc.—with the assistance of local law enforcement. Instead, this law has allowed local law enforcement agencies to exercise their own agendas against Latinos, in particular. What kinds of charges are being brought as the basis for arresting and processing those who appear to be illegal? Fishing without a license, wearing no seatbelt, expired registration tags. This is confirmed by reputable studies. The Migration Policy Institute recently issued their finding that 73 percent of all arrests made under 287(g) involved persons with no criminal record.

The writing on the wall is clear. These arrests are not about removing the criminal element from our community. This is about ugliness toward Latinos. Take the time to read some of the absurd reports given by the Center for Immigration Studies. What are some of the societal problems blamed on illegal immigrants? Believe it not, potholes. And climate changes. And overpopulation. Got a problem? Let's blame it on the immigrant flavor of the week. Who will be next?

Should local law enforcement be enforcing federal immigration laws? Ask the Mexican immigrant who was robbed in his Knightdale home on Sept. 16. He called the police, which is what most crime victims do. Did the police pursue the perpetrators? No, they processed the victim as an immigrant without legal status and sent him to federal custody. What else was sent? A wave of fear among Latinos who are afraid to contact law enforcement for fear they or their household members will be targeted.

How will history look upon our country in the future? I believe history will look upon the Chatham County Commissioners as having the guts to advocate for their community in a most reasoned way. Bravo!

Isabel Barbarin
Chapel Hill

Monte Montgomery rocks ...

"Repulsive" is quite an understatement in regard to Grayson Currin's quite obvious, narcissistic review of Monte Montgomery ("Eh, whatever," Hearing Aid, Feb. 4). Having both met and professionally photographed Montgomery, as well as taken in several of his performances, I find it disturbing that such a snide and obviously personally skewed commentary could be published as any form of professional critique.

I would hope in the future you could find more qualified journalists to write reviews that the public could actually benefit from. Currin clearly writes with the mentality of a snide writer for a trash college newspaper that has little regard for professionalism.

"Self-proclaimed six-string badass"—interesting, nowhere on any forum of Montgomery's is this stated. Quite the contrary, those who proclaim his talent are quite acclaimed and respected in the music industry worldwide.

I find it simply a shame Currin has obviously little knowledge of music, talent and performance credibility. Perhaps emo is more his style. Either way, a solid dose of music education may be a much needed prerequisite before allowing him to spew personal opinions in the shroud of being professionally educated enough to do so.

Lorri Markum

... even if the Indy's music editor doesn't get it

I found Grayson Currin's review of guitarist Monte Montgomery really offensive and in the poorest of taste ("Eh, whatever," Hearing Aid, Feb. 4). It's one thing to criticize the music and the artist, and it's another to go calling names to try and bring shame to someone.

I had never seen Montgomery before last weekend, except on YouTube, and although I didn't like one or two songs, I walked out of Cat's Cradle feeling like I had seen a true and great musician, someone who, someday, you will not pay 10 or 20 bucks to see at the Cradle.

I know we are behind the times in America, but in Europe, this guy is huge and very well respected. You need to go back and listen to the music again with an open mind and write a real critique. I also think you should apologize for what you wrote. You know, you could have just said, "Hey, this isn't my cup of tea."

I am not a true musician, but I love music. I listen to George Jones one day and then Iron Maiden the next day while looking for that Isley Brothers CD I bought last week. The point is, if you are writing about the music and the music scene in the Triangle, and are trying to inform people about what is out there, write with thought. Don't go out and slander people, just give an honest critique, especially if you are talking about live music, not what you saw on YouTube or heard on one download. Get informed before you open your mouth. I know the Indy's job is to push buttons and make people think, and I love what some of you guys do. Anyway, stop being a loser critic, and become what the Indy needs—a real critic.

M.E. Waller

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