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Re: Best of the Triangle; Election 2010

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Re: Best of the Triangle

I hate to bring this up, but with most media gushing over the Durham Performing Arts Center (readers' choice winner for Best Live Theater, Best of the Triangle, June 9), we found the two shows we attended rather mediocre.

The staff was friendly and attentive. No complaints with that. But the best way I can describe Phantom of the Opera and Wicked is "industrial entertainment." Rather soulless, sterile and by the numbers.

These touring companies and cast members, who are on the road constantly, can't be expected to produce inspired performances night after night. And they don't.

Sorry, but we'll patronize more local, grassroots entertainment henceforth.

George Doctoroe

Re: Election 2010

I am Natalie Beyer, a candidate for the Durham School Board, District 4B (most of north and east Durham), running for a seat held by a two-term incumbent—an incumbent who has never been challenged for public office.

The Indy's endorsement ("A tough call in Durham," June 2) strongly supported my candidacy ("Beyer would be an exemplary member of Durham's school board") but chose the incumbent because he "has been able to explain ... the schools budget." With all due respect, I have a master's in Healthcare Administration from UNC-CH with a concentration in Financial Management. Finance is what I am trained to do. However, budgetary experience should never be a substitute for educational vision, dedication and advocacy.

All seven board members hold equal fiscal accountability. Perhaps you meant to nudge the other six to action. This overemphasis on finance may have caused our current board to hire a new superintendent primarily because of his financial expertise even though he has never worked in a classroom. Over the years, Dr. Becoats may prove to be a strong superintendent, but even the best financial ability without vision and passion is doomed to repeat the problems of today.

My heart is in Durham Public Schools; my three children are students in DPS (ages 10, 12 and 14). I am committed to working to make our schools better for all students. I will be in our schools listening to student and teacher concerns. As voters go to the polls in north and east Durham on June 22, they will have a choice for the first time in eight years—a choice for better schools in Durham and responsive, commonsense leadership. Please think, care and vote Natalie Beyer.

Natalie Beyer


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