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Re: banning NCAA coaches; call rape what it is; Love for the INDY


On March 4, The New York Times published a story, "Are alt-weeklies over?" which generated 91 comments. Among the NYT pick was this one, which mentions the INDY:

In 2007, I retired from New York City to a tiny, rural town in southern Virginia that has absolutely nothing to offer. (Why I am here is another story.) I am so grateful to have found The Indy, a weekly alternative paper out of Durham, NC, some fifty miles to the south. It is a lifesaver, filled with excellent reporting and replete with a wide range of coverage of everything going on culturally. I could read it on their website, but there is nothing like holding the real thing. Long may they publish! —Christopher Ross

Re: banning NCAA coaches

Great idea and great article ("Cults of personality," March 5). Couldn't agree more. Just imagine who the professors emeriti might be in the Sports Departments if SDs were created 30 years ago.

Robert Maehr, Bahama

Re: call rape what it is

While I have always enjoyed the writing in the INDY, I wanted to call attention to some problematic wording John H. Tucker used to refer to the crimes committed in the article "Jorge Juarez-Lopez sentenced to a minimum of 36 years for sex offenses," published on Feb. 26.

Tucker states that "at a hotel during the trip, Juarez-Lopez had sex with the 11-year-old while the teenager was in the shower."

A girl of this age cannot legally consent to sex, and it clearly was not consensual even if she could. It was rape. Call it rape. There is no need to use euphemisms. The more we hide behind them, the more we avoid a real, frank and productive discussion about victims' rights.

Kat Benson, Durham

Re: Love for the INDY

Dear Ms. Sorg, I just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I enjoyed (and will enjoy, hopefully) the work of yourself and that of your colleagues. I'd never come across the INDY until I ended up at the homeless shelter (a separate story in itself) but your collective work made me smile every day. Please keep up the extraordinary efforts.

L & R, Simon

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