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Re: Alex Chilton


Alex Chilton and I were friends for many years and I was saddened to learn of his death, as were countless others. When I opened a copy of your paper yesterday, I was happy to see that his life and career were being acknowledged ("Alex Chilton, 1950–2010," Front Porch, March 24). But the very first sentence threw me for a loop as Adam Sobsey referred to Alex's death as "sabotaging a day of revelry with his typical mordancy." Later in the article, in reference to SXSW and the scheduled performance of Big Star, Mr. Sobsey states that "his death was classic Chilton" and that "he'd rather die than attend his own celebration." That's ridiculous. I knew Alex as a man who loved life and who loved music and who loved performing. This article was offensive and frankly I'm surprised that it got by you.

Michael McKinney

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