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Re: Alcoa


Two sides to the Alcoa story

Since Bob Geary wrote such a lengthy piece ("Give back the Yadkin, dammit!" Nov. 18) that has all of the earmarks of Mr. Naujoks' wrongheadedness and bias against free enterprise, I invite your paper to delve into the real impact of lost revenue, budget deficits and costs of a taking.

Contrary to the Sierra Club and Mr. Naujoks, there is a horrendous cost to us taxpayers to justify Mr. Dick's and his fellow developers' avarice for the Alcoa property they want to stop Alcoa from giving to Morrow Mountain as part of the FERC application. Check on Perdue, Dick, Dennis, Crisco and others who want to build another lakefront community on this land. They don't give a tinker's damn about electricity.

Take a peak at Ms. McFarland, Naujoks and Crisco and their association with Sierra Club and ask what they are vying for.

I have no allegiance to Alcoa. Don't work for them. Don't seek to gain anything. But I am very concerned about stealing private property and the taxpayers paying through the nose for developers' interests.

Here's hoping you manage to learn the truth. Alcoa has never presupposed to own God's water flowing as the Yadkin/ PeeDee. It is definitely not a "forgotten river" to all of us who have used the recreational venues, built homes around the lakes and used the waters for loving, washing and drinking, which the article seems to forget.

Dangerous it is when ignorance is passed off as truth. This is a political move for the anti-Alcoa crowd. It is political for the developer crowd.

Thomas McCluskey
New London, N.C.

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