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Razzle's last dance


This show is like one of those "last chance for gas" signs you see on the highway. Razzle is releasing their first full-length player, but they're also breaking up. So, it's your last chance to see them rip it up, and another shot to see a show at Go! Room 4, which is closing next month. Come see Bjorkback, Cantwell, Wall and Robb pump up the volume one more time. Razzle's rockin' lady pals Roxotica and teen queens Natasha (who are also playing their last show, so they can go off to college) kick it off. Ultimately, though, rockers never really go away, right? As the language poet Ron Silliman once said, "Closure is lies."

The Razzle CD Release Party and Final Show with Roxotica and Natasha is at Go! Room 4, Friday, July 30.

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