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... R U falling apart?



Hate to be so blunt, but you've got a highway bridge collapsing in Minneapolis, steam pipes exploding in Manhattan, and two years on, you still haven't put New Orleans back together, let alone the coast of Mississippi. So our question is: Why are you letting your country fall apart?

Zork, we're spending $2 billion a week to screw with Iraq. According to the president, it's the central front in his "war" against terrorists—a war Bush decided we could afford, however, while also cutting taxes. So yeah, the country's a little short of money for upkeep. (And have you seen the value of the U.S. dollar? It's in freefall.)

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, 27 percent of our nation's bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, the ASCE says. Our roads, ports, rail and transit systems are all "crumbling" too, and the backlog of our physical infrastructure needs is up to $1.6 trillion. I wish I could tell you we're on that. But the truth is, we're all fiddling while the country—and the dollar with it—burns.

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