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Preserve African-American neighborhoods


I read "Not fade away" (cover story, by Fiona Morgan, Feb. 20) and it opened the wounds of my ancestors. From reading the article, I can feel and hear the pain, sorrow and sadness of this family. I've wondered about the houses on Evans Road, since I live around the corner on Dynasty Drive. I knew intuitively that the Town of Cary had claimed eminent domain, even though I knew nothing at that time of the Evans family. So many descendents of slaves have had to deal with shady, less-than-moral or legitimate negotiations. Presently, off of Harrison and Dynasty, $600,000-$700,000 homes are up for sale. So we who have sense know that this area is booming and expensive.

The sorrow I feel is that my family—similar to other African-American families—repeats this saga over and over again. I hope that the 30-, 40- and 50-something generations can read and learn from these mistakes. Fast money is great, but collective work and responsibility is what ensures the next generations.

I understand why the great-grandchildren did what they did, and continue to do, but negotiating as a tight unit is a way to stave off predators and less-than-ethical city officials. When thinking of selling acres, think of the long term as well as the short term, and seek sound advice.

There are some dynamic, savvy African-American attorneys, and the N.C. Association of Black Lawyers is a great resource, as well as the N.C. Bar Association. The resources are unlimited if you can research—and that is where you go to your younger generation. They are quick, fast and on it through the Internet and sometimes come up with solutions the older generations do not even know exist.

This is a sad legacy to a man and woman who only tried to do the right thing.

Sheila Morris

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