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We've got our fingers crossed for this brand-new takeout joint, because it's gonna need all the luck it can get. Awkwardly located on the access road alongside U.S. 15-501 in front of New Hope Commons, it's hard to spot and tricky to get to. And though, as a takeout-only restaurant that's open until 6 p.m., the kitchen presumably targets lunch crowds, it's not near any major office complexes.

But damned if we don't hope Pomegranate Kitchen finds its audience. The Persian vegetarian menu is unique to the area, and everything we've tasted so far has been lovely. The menu, which changes daily, features a small handful of stews, each served with a heaping serving of rice, a few saffron-infused rice patties, a slice of bread and a piece of chocolate.

At $9.50, it's easily lunch enough for two. Recent standouts include a hearty, highly spiced fall fruit and vegetable stew and a light, herby celery and potato stew. A specialty of the house is fesenjan, a classic Persian dish of pomegranate and walnuts. Though technically a stew, it's as filling as many meat or pasta dishes. You can also get a small cup of pomegranate seeds to eat with a spoon, a real treat for those of us who can't be bothered to wrestle with the notoriously tedious peeling of the fruit ourselves.

As mentioned, the space is takeout only. The one-room storefront space is bare-bones, with a menu board and a counter covered with signs promoting the nutritional value of various Persian foodstuffs. One of the owners is a nutritionist.

Don't wait to try this place, but do plan to return in January. What better way to kick-start a New Year's resolution to eat healthy than with a light and nutritious Persian celery stew?

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