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Perseid Meteor Shower

When: Fri., Aug. 12, 11 p.m. 2011

Anywhere Dark—Should you love the stars, or wish to create a romantic, evocative tableau for your date, or want to introduce someone to the wonders of science and such, go to a large field far from the lights of the city—hell, a golf course will do—around 11 p.m. or so, and see if you can find the Big Dipper constellation. If so, you should be good to witness the stream of debris from the path of a comet in the Perseus constellation, giving forth the Perseid meteor shower.

Granted, the science fiction fan in me wants to warn you that these meteors usually carry some deadly alien killer or will blind the vast majority of the world and leave us at the mercy of the ruthless Triffids, but my editors are telling me to stick to the facts. So instead I'll just complain that it'll probably be 90 degrees by 11, and not listening to Al Gore really paid off, hmm? Anyway, try Jordan Lake, Shelley Lake, one of the lakes. And watch out for Triffids. —Zack Smith

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