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Pat Benatar

When: Thu., Sept. 2, 12:30-1:30 p.m. 2010

Anyone who's followed Pat Benatar's career knows that the sex kitten image was just an act. From her kohl-eyed, spandex-clad beginnings through her days vying with Madonna for the title of Queen of MTV, she remained resolutely normal: a monogamous, drug-free family gal who happened to play hard rock like the guys. So it's no surprise that there are no tales of rock 'n' roll excess in Between a Heart and a Rock Place, Benatar's recent memoir. The little dirt she does dish lands on some sleazy record-industry types, like the folks who enhanced her cleavage via airbrush for an advertisement and the promoter who chased her around the piano bench during an audition—but we already knew the record industry has always been a haven for sleazeballs.

The fun here is simply hearing about how Pat, a somewhat tomboyish Long Island girl with a big voice, goes from "the little Andrzejewski girl who could sing" to racking up enough hit records and making enough high-concept videos that she can now afford to look back on a life well-lived, write a memoir and go out on the occasional tour with Blondie, as she did in 2009, if she's up for it. The world is different now, and virtually nobody can hope to do that anymore, but Benatar is gracious about her achievements and modest about her accomplishments. Speaking on "Love Is a Battlefield," she finds it "amusing ... that a klutz like me would be forever associated with the iconic dance move the 'shoulder shake.'"

Benatar will be signing only, not reading. With purchase of the book, you'll also be entered into a drawing to meet Benatar and win tickets to her show tonight —David Klein

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