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Orange County: Be careful what you wish for


The Orange County Wishlist in this year's INDY Finder lists support for installing a CVS into the vacant Weaver lot. As a citizen of Carrboro, I think the conventional wisdom behind this topic is that most people DO NOT WANT CVS THERE.

While I am pleased to see "affordable housing" make the list, it sits at the very end and makes no reference to any community housing (co-op) models that are certainly prevalent in this area. I am a member of one of these co-ops, which happens to be focused on providing low-income housing. It is unfortunate that the seemingly joking notion of being "able to refill our Xanax prescriptions" takes precedence over a petty mention of affordable housing. The need for affordable housing is crucial for an agreeable development of this area, and it goes far beyond Penny Housing. The problem trend of filtering up is definitely a significant factor in the affordable housing crisis. See this story at

The fact that the vacant Weaver lot and affordable housing are together on this list brings us to a simple solution: Make this vacant lot available for affordable housing.

Closing Weaver Street traffic might be a good idea, but beware of your reasoning. Most folks that I know who have moved here from NYC did so to NOT be in NYC. We do not need to bring the Big Apple to Carrboro, and we can start by opposing the up-scale, high-rising developments that are creeping over from Chapel Hill.

Brian Goodale, Carrboro

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