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...or, not


Grayson Currin's "review" of the Tom Waits show in Asheville is the most pathetic excuse for journalism since the last Fox News report. It pains me that the Indy probably paid to send such a mental midget to a nearly flawless performance; even worse is that he probably had better seats than me! His theory that Bob Dylan would provide the audience with a better show is nothing more than a prediction. His references to "Frank's Wild Years"(A Tom Waits staple) were tiresome. While on the subject, wouldn't you consider it to be in poor taste to criticize an artist's ability to challenge his audience when you choose a very tame song to reference ad nauseum? (He forgot to mention the stage lights being "all Halloween orange and chimney red.") Mr. Currin failed to understand that show was booked at a small venue intentionally, and performed with a simple band for a reason: intimacy. Somehow the sheer splendor of seeing such an icon perform in such a personal way was lost on the music editor. I insist I got my money's worth. The audience received one hell of a two-hour show that spanned 80 percent of Waits' career and had such hidden gems as the obscure "You Can Never Hold Back Spring" and--to Mr. Currin's chagrin--a cover of Howlin Wolf's "Who's Been Talking?'" (He claimed the entire show was too bluesy.) And for Mr. Currin to essentially call the audience idiots for not expecting more is simply arrogant. It upsets me to think that Mr. Currin wasted a seat that would have been appreciated by someone else. I hope the bad review was because his "laptop had been drinking."

Mike Hayes


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