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In Webster's dictionary, the noun "volume" has four distinct meanings: (1) a collection of writings; (2) the size or extent of an object; (3) a large quantity; and (4) the amplification of a sound. In choosing Volume as the moniker of The Independent's new quarterly, our mission is equally clear: to publish the biggest, best and loudest collection of writing about local music in the country.

Within this first issue of Volume, a series of articles, reviews and graphic illustrations explore the eternal struggle of musicians to "make it." In the era of, cheap digital recording equipment and sophisticated marketing tactics, what does it mean to succeed? From local singer Dana Kletter's flirtations with fame in Los Angeles to Angie Carlson's investigations of street-marketing and the concept of selling "hip" to teens, our writers uncover the motivations and consequences of reaching for the stars.

As we launch Volume, we bid farewell to Rock 'n' Roll Quarterly, an eight-year success story in its own right that helped shape the Triangle's blossoming indie-rock scene. No less local in focus, Volume will bring the same critical perspective to music, only instead of looking at a few species of trees, we hope to cover the whole evolving forest. We've also added two new special sections with this issue. "Capsules" provides short-takes on strange and wonderful music scenes beyond our region, this time venturing into the latest in Brazilian bossa nova and Welsh rock. And "Picture This," a page dedicated to comics, photo essays and artwork, features a hilarious "Making It" game board by Chapel Hill rocker Kevin Dixon. Wanna play? Keep turning the pages.

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