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One More Round of Jordan Peterson Comments, Plus Some People Defend Chris Brown


Much has happened on the Jordan Peterson front since we gathered together last week. On Friday, the Durham City Council issued a statement essentially disavowing the event, noting that the city doesn't control the Durham Performing Arts Center's bookings and encouraging residents to "resist bigotry."

This, of course, got JP's supporters in a righteous lather, both in our comments section and the council's email inbox. It got all the more intense when Peterson himself took notice, posting about the statement in a lengthy note on his website, "Everything that is reprehensible about the radical and ideologically possessed left—all the moral self-righteousness, the platitudes, the clichés, the mindless celebration of diversity for the sake of the demonstration of tolerance, the naiveté, and the appalling malevolence of casual denunciation—is on painful display in this missive."

To the comments. First up, Jonathan Howard, who starts by dissing council member Jillian Johnson for "spreading rumors about a fictitious Ku Klux Klan rally that that existed only in her head" and "cheerfully [naming] her dog Bernie Sanders." Howard then gets to the point: "The bottom line, of course, is that Jordan Peterson will still speak and people will no doubt attend in droves and love the event. The same way they are doing all over the world with no sign of abating. You and your little SJW buddies, INDY Week, can spout all the distortions and lies you like. To be extremely blunt with you, the vast majority of people really couldn't care less what you think. You don't control the narrative and we reach conclusions for ourselves."

Next, John Amaud: "You people are repulsive. I hope a day comes when journalists like you, who tell blatant lies and slander others, are able to be taken to court and sued. Absolutely disgusting how you have made up lies about Dr. Peterson. This is why no one trusts the media anymore. Flat-out liars advancing an agenda. Disgusting. Go to hell."

And on it goes, almost endlessly, all saying the same thing. Mary Lynch says she finds it "sad and amusing that the defenders of Professor Jordan Peterson practiced the same tactics they condemned the author of the original article, Laura Bullard, for using. While citing the fact that he's a professor and other so-called credentials, they could offer no fact-based information because Jordan is all about self-promotion, self-help pabulum, and references to philosophical clichés that proved illogical and inconsistent decades ago, so of course they resorted to personal attacks on the article's author and the INDY. Their reactions to the article fly in the face of their claims to be for free speech and are more reminiscent of cult followers."

Moving on ... to another man we're not big fans of: Chris Brown. In last week's paper, Allison Hussey wrote a brief about the singer/serial assaulter titled "Chris Brown Still Sucks"; the next day, Brown was arrested (yet again) on an assault charge in Florida. Still, Joe Mena took up for Brown (though not for punctuation or capitalization): "fuck this website you hate Chris cause his doing good fuck this website i mean fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you and leave CB alone for Christ sake."

Paulette Jordan also rises to Brown's defense: "Just because you don't like an artist doesn't mean they automatically suck. Chris Brown has served his punishment for things he's done. If you're going to make a blog, actually have a little bit of evidence. Not biased slander. You work for a newspaper. Not a gossip blog!"

To which Viper A responds: "I love how this whole thread is people crying, 'He is a changed man! Forgive him! Everyone makes mistakes!' literally the day before he gets arrested for felony assault. Again. He isn't being charged with drug possession, or fraud, or plagiarism, or something that is easy to forgive and forget. It isn't something like a DUI, which can be written off as a 'mistake' or a single bad decision. He has, on multiple occasions, made the conscious decision to attack another person. One of those people was his romantic partner."

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