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On Judgment Day, where will you be, sinner?


Bob Geary's claim for a new moral majority is just one or two unelected Supreme Court Justices ("Liberalism: the new moral majority," July 1).

Pope Francis' visionary teaching includes the following: Homosexuality is a sin, families begin when a man and a woman marry to procreate, and caring for the earth starts by first stopping abortion, which is murder.

Bob's (mine and many people's) Catholic upbringing taught us these are never-changing moral truths: Loving our neighbors (not judging them) and caring for the poor. Correcting the new moral poverty Bob touts as a resurgence of liberalism is part of traditional Catholic teaching and Pope Francis' vision.

On Judgment Day God will ask us what we did for Him; voting (or celebrating) conservatism or liberalism and what they claim is moral will not cut it.

Terry Duff, Garner

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