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Not funny at all


I'm sorry--as I read the article about columnist Peter Eichenberger's bicycle accident ("Inside Eichenberger's brain," March 1), I cannot resist commenting on this quote:

Eichenberger: "Then I knew I had really screwed myself up. My old 1,000cc Moto Guzzi? Shoot, I use to think it was kinda funny when I dropped that monster."

I was 18 years old in the early '80s when I innocently climbed on the back of Eichenberger's Moto Guzzi like a fool (my parents taught me better, for Pete's sake!!!). Instantly, I knew I had made a mistake, and I sure as hell didn't think it was "kinda funny" when it was my turn to be on the back when he "dropped that monster" after going on a high-speed joy ride halfway around the Beltline.

Good for him he's OK. I really don't care.

Z. S. Morales


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