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New low for the Indy

As I was reading the piece by Grayson Currin on the alleged one-night stand involving Clay Aiken, I felt a growing sense of both disbelief and disgust that the Independent would sink to this level--repeating Enquirer-level gossip about a local entertainment figure for no discernibly legitimate reason. This struck me as being totally out of character for your publication; I can find no legitimate purpose for an article that only serves to breathlessly ask the reader to speculate, "Is he really gay? Does he like one-night stands with strangers?" What is the point?

I am not particularly a fan of Mr. Aiken or the music he performs; however, I do recognize his talent and am glad for him that he has found success with it. Regarding his sexuality, I think I would join the majority of his fans in proclaiming, "Who cares?" I don't recall him making a big issue about it. Regarding his sexual activities, I would add "Mind your own business," and ask you to show some respect for the privacy of this individual in the same manner that you would demand it for non-celebrities who are similarly exploited by the media or others. Otherwise, you simply damage your own credibility on matters of actual importance.

Mike Maness


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