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Nevermind the hangover



Love Hangover: Peter Holsapple & Lynn Blakey, Caitlin Cary & Scott Phillips, Billie Karrel & Roger Gupton, Caroline Mamoulides & Brian Quast
Thursday, Feb. 15, 9 p.m.
Kings, Raleigh
Tickets: $7

Peter Holsapple
  • Peter Holsapple

Peter Holsapple is responsible for the best power pop song ever to come out of North Carolina. So what if he lived in New York at the time of its release? The man was born and raised on Winston-Salem's boiled peanuts and barbecue. Without those roots, the dB's would have never been a band—or at least the type of band that released 1981's Stands for Decibels and the Holsapple hallmark "Black and White."

"Black and White" is a not-in-love song. It leans heavily on the fantastically universal line "I guess I just don't enjoy you anymore," while Holsapple and the other dB's pound out their own twisted version of jangle pop. It's like a heartsore Big Star after a few semesters of art school.

Songs like "Black and White" and the situations that predicate them are the reason the Love Hangover exists. Now in its eighth year, the concert pairs a man with a woman and lets them duel it out with post-Valentine's Day songs of anguish. Holsapple's music helped pave the way for an event like this. Now, he gets to play it.

The timing may be a bit off, though: Holsapple, 50, is now happily married with two children. He claims he may have a hard time sounding sincerely heartbroken. "Instead, I'll try and up the love quotient for everybody," he says, almost giddy. Holsapple will be paired with longtime drinking buddy Lynn Blakey of Let's Active and Tres Chicas. "I've always marveled at her voice and the bands she'd play with. Lynn is remarkable."

And he isn't just excited about his Love Hangover partner: the dB's have reunited and are working on an album. He's recording a duo album with Chris Stamey. He's playing a weekly children's show at Durham's Broad Street Café. There's even a new baby on the way. He says he plans to stay busy and love-drunk, nevermind the hangover: "It's stupid for me to sing about girls and school anymore—unless I'm talking about my daughter's class."

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