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NC WARN is tackling the accelerating climate change crisis on the regulatory and grassroots levels by watch-dogging utility practices and working for a swift transition from coal and natural gas to energy efficiency and renewable power. In partnership with our allies, we are working to change Duke Energy’s business model of building dirty, expensive power plants and repeatedly raising our electricity rates. Duke is now the largest electric utility in the United States. Shifting them away from fossil fuels could be the global game-changer humanity needs to avert runaway climate catastrophe.

2015. It’s the date by which NASA climatologist James Hansen says global emissions must at least start downward to keep global warming from spiraling out of control. Yet emissions were up 3% last year. Humanity is at a critical fork in the road. Solutions are at hand, and North Carolina is pivotal. But behemoth Duke Energy is blocking the path to efficient, renewable energy.

You may think we’re just preaching to the choir, but the message about the 2015 tipping point has not been reaching the public. Our climate needs much more attention right now. We need to get the choir singing.

It’s clear that government, industry and international treaties are failing us. As author Lester Brown has recently emphasized, it is grassroots groups whose efforts are crucial. Fortunately, if you’ve been looking for a way to make a difference, there’s a golden opportunity right in your backyard. NC WARN and allies have a focused, workable strategy for pressing Duke Energy—at the legal, regulatory and grassroots levels—into abandoning its outdated business model and joining the clean energy revolution. Due to its size and global influence, shifting Duke could change the climate game entirely. Time is short, but together we can make it happen.

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Mailing address for check donations: NC WARN, P.O. Box 61051, Durham, NC 27715-1051

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