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An honorable mention winner in The Independent Poetry Contest



Whitewash is blue-thin,

every untended drop

dragging pigment--

drawn tight as skin under the intended

snap and buzz of fluorescence.

She labels signatures,

leaf falling on leaf,

unruly lines.

When flourish comes undone

a man's name

turns to flatline.

A woman's will break bones.

The archivist works for

a vacuum.

Tinder paper for glass,

crumpled words around

the door jambs--

catalogue, classify, list.

Winter is hard to come by.

A single solid season of thin

white noise.

One must, at all times, keep the humidity low.

Fragile documents will be damaged by damp


Her Knuckles crack and bleed,

skin starts to shift and parch

like dunes.

She's filed away.

Lips under L,

tenderly bitten earlobes

tucked in boxes


until all involved parties

have vanished.

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