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Music to campaign by


The election season is upon us and we think the candidates could use some serious help in at least one area of public outreach. While campaign platforms are important, let's not forget about those all-persuasive soundtracks.

U.S. Sen. John Edwards' recent bus tour in Iowa provides a cautionary tale when it comes to staying on musical message. The presidential hopeful's first selection at his first stop was Pink's "Let's Get the Party Started." That was replaced by patriotic marches and then by John Mellencamp's "Small Town." Which leads us to ask, what's the frequency, John?

To help candidates achieve better musical focus, we're asking Indy readers to send us suggestions for political soundtracks. The best ones will receive free concert tickets. Send us a letter or e-mail with your name/address/phone number, the name of the state, local or national candidate you want to help, and suggestions for a political playlist to: Music to Campaign By, The Independent, PO Box 2690, Durham, NC, 27715; e-mail:

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