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The Datsuns


If you keep up with the national music press, even just barely, you're probably already familiar with longhaired New Zealanders The Datsuns. Spin, Alternative Press, Paper and Details have all lauded the band's heavy, straight-outta-the-'70s classic glam-rock stomp. The British music press has gone gaga over their youth and good looks. Even The White Stripes and Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl can't say enough good things about them.

With all the hype about their image, the truth about their sound has gotten lost in the cacophony. Despite being constantly described as a kiwi version of AC/DC, the band really doesn't sound like them at all.

"We love AC/DC," guitarist Phil (who, like the others in the band, shares the surname Datsun) told The Independent, but he thinks the comparison is more geographic than anything else. If anyone should be compared to AC/DC, he says, it's tour-mates The Casanovas, who actually are from Australia.

"The best comparison I've read about us is that we sound like Led Zeppelin if they'd been brought up on punk instead of the blues," he says.

The band will be in Carrboro next Wednesday night as part of their tour to support their self-titled debut album. You can hear the Led Zeppelin influence, as well as a little Thin Lizzy, Skynyrd and Deep Purple on songs like "Sitting Pretty" and "In Love." "Harmonic Generator" sounds like a lost glitter-rock anthem.

According to Phil, you won't really get to know the band through the CD. Their live shows, he says, are where they really shine.

"It's more energetic, more fun," he says. "The CD is really like a souvenir of the live show. I'd much rather people come to the show and make up their minds there."

Quite a salesman. You be the judge on The Datsuns next Wednesday, March 19, when the band plays Cat's Cradle with The Casanovas and The Sights. Call 967-9053 or go to Tickets are $10 in advance.

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