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Black Dice with Godspeed You! Black Emperor



Great, another freakin' rock band from Brooklyn. Hold on, Black Dice came to the borough via Providence, R.I., and its prolific adventurous rock scene (Lightning Bolt, Force Field, et al.) of Rhode Island School of Design art types, bless 'em. On Thursday, March 6, they'll be performing with Montreal's Godspeed You! Black Emperor at the Cat's Cradle, as a benefit for the fantastic community arts center in Winston-Salem, Project Space 211. Akin to the communal art locales that spawned both GY!BE and Black Dice, nonprofit organization PS 211 provides public performance and learning space for music, visual arts and dance. Formerly known as the Wherehouse, PS 211 also acts as a conduit for those traveling musicians that sometimes miss the Triangle, playing host to free jazz groups, avant rock, and neu folk alike. Obviously, it's a much- needed natural resource.

Slithering banshees from somewhere between rock and an art place, Black Dice is a quartet that can skitter and scrap with the best hardcore punk bands, with enough venom to stop a warthog (or emo kid, your choice). The group currently renders beautifully dense walls of sound, as two members manipulate the two others' guitar and drums. They deftly process the instruments (in real time) into warm ambient tones, gurgling polyrhythms and monster slabs of primal symphonic sprawl. Black Dice are well matched with GY!BE; both groups use found sounds in their explorations. Don't call Black Dice noodlers, though; the beats and textures are crisp and immaculately clean. Nicolas Vernhes, known for his work with conceptual synth group Fischerspooner, produced their most recent Beaches and Canyons. One cut rocks like German innovators Can, shifts to 808 industrial, then segues to flute-filled star power bliss. If this is what 2003 musical rebels are armed with, maybe we can get them to point it at Pennsylvania Avenue, fast.

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