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Onieda are some hairy noisemongers, purveyors of Visigoth fury, protectors of the Feedback Element. They've put out two EPs (Steel Rod and a split with fellow Brooklyn residents and PiL-revivalists the Liars called Atheists, Reconsider) and four full-length albums, the latest of which, Each One Teach One, rages through nauseating fuzz drones, dropping science and squealing Farfisa riffs. It's a double album, too, with a couple of entire LP sides taken by whole songs that beat one progression against an anvil of nuclear magnets. Papa Crazee, the ensemble's guitarist, recently retired from the band, leaving Fat Bobby (keyboards), Hanoi Jane (bass) and Kid Millions (drums) to hold down the jams of terror, but I'm willing to bet they can still blow some capillaries.

The band is playing in Winston-Salem this Friday, Feb. 28, at a space called PS 211. This nonprofit, volunteer-run, extremely clean, great-sounding venue has been hosting some awesome shows lately, but they're relatively out of the Triangle's radar, which is unfortunate. Many of the artists that have been performing there have not made any other N.C. stops, and their upcoming shows include Crooked Fingers, the Oxes, and the Scene Creamers (the new Make-Up offshoot band). Check it out (, get on the mailing list, keep yourselves informed. And if it makes any difference to you, both Mojo magazine and The New York Times both put Each One Teach One in their Top Ten of 2002, an amazing achievement for a such an assaultive record.

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