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Har Mar Superstar


If Beck and Ron Jeremy had a child, it would worship at the feet of Har Mar Superstar. The artist formerly known as Sean Tillman, the St. Paul, Minn. sensation has garnered an absurdly impressive coterie of chums over the last couple of years. Among his accomplishments; opening for The Strokes, The Hives and Incubus, braving pissy crowds by going on stage stone cold solo and singing along to instrumental tracks, writing a song for J. Lo and accompanying Ozzy's little girl, Kelly, to her performing debut on the MTV Music Video Awards.

But beyond the high profile speed dial personalities, HMS possesses a singular stage presence, daring the audience to try to ignore him. Despite his less than athletic build and suspect fashion tastes, once the drum track begins, this man morphs in to a funk dervish, spitting cool and absentmindedly disrobing. His November release, You Can Feel Me, features synthy grooves and liquid vocals wrapped into a doughy package. Undeniably self-confident, Har Mar usually finds the young ladies enthralled, or perhaps puzzled into attraction by his aura.

But not everyone ends the evening fans of Har Mar's baggy-briefed finale. At a recent gig in Oklahoma, the pudgy provocateur so incensed the local authorities that they busted him for lewd behavior. A violation of civil rights, a clever publicity stunt or merely an attempt at Morrison-like mythos? It's obvious that this enigmatic outsider could care less, preferring instead to spread the funk love in his own Gong Show style. Har Mar Superstar appears at Kings in Raleigh Wednesday, Dec. 4, at 9 p.m. Tickets are $8.
–Zach Hanner

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