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Jazz Anew

The most famous architect in the world wasn't only known for his creative designs, but also for the accessibility of his work. It is almost impossible to visit the major cities in Spain and not feel Gaudi's presence. His soul just seeps through the air and takes control of your juices. Jazz Anew does the same thing, from the moment you walk in to the Humble Pie on Thursdays; you have already experienced it.

Jazz Anew is "an evening of 21st century jazz & soul, broken beat, down tempo, modern afro beat & deep house grooves brought to you by DJ.exe with visual by Esotic." Founder Matt Routh says he "started up Jazz Anew because it didn't exist, and I really wanted it to. I started getting turned on to this new jazzy and frenetic side of electronic music that was coming out of London, Munich, Tokyo, and other exotic places far away from North Carolina."

Routh is a designer/music collector/ man of the times. "Another reason for Jazz Anew was that I have been amassing a hopelessly large collection of music. It's my one true addiction. And it makes no sense for me to have all of this great music and not attempt to share it with people."

Jazz Anew's vibe is pleasant, the crowd is a nice mix of young and old and it is absolutely free (well, you have to buy your own drinks). It is the perfect place to go when the Triangle's urban sprawl has almost gotten the best of you.

"It may sound hopelessly ambitious, but I want people to really feel alive at my DJ gigs," Routh says. "I think the daily routine has a way of robbing us of these feelings. That emotion of zeroing in on the exact moment in time that you are in, right now, and enjoying it."

As for the future of Jazz Anew, Routh plans on keeping it free and he also has "many aspirations for what Jazz Anew could be. At its most successful, I would like to try to bring in some international acts while they are touring the states. ...We are in a great situation. Humble Pie is a fantastic place to have our gigs. The staff is extremely friendly. It's a very good situation."

It is an excellent situation and really good times. It is a great way to start your weekend. It's like a musical/visual spa for everyone.

Visit and more info. --K8 Erwin

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