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Captured By Robots

Pity JBOT. A loner musician fed up with dealing with other musician's cavalier attitudes, he stumbled upon a brilliant concept. Crafting his own band of willing musicians from spare parts, he assembled a monolithic rock juggernaut comprised of robotic musicians programmed to do his bidding. Or so he thought. Quickly outwitted by his own creations, JBOT became slave to his backup band and is forced to service them regularly while diligently promoting their shows. The clever and brutal mechanoids DRMBOTT0110 (drums), GTRBOT666 (guitar), AUTOMOTOM (percussion) rule their fleshy slave with an iron fist, mocking his clumsy attempts at music. Sadly, JBOT's lone source of solace lies with the only benevolent member of the group, T.A.W.H.N.N. (The Ape Which Hath No Name), a plushy mechanoid programmed to love unconditionally (which can get a little old after a while). The quintet's metal-flavored robo-rock grinds down even the most jaded ear, giving credence to the Bots claim of an impending "Robot Revolution." Perhaps the coolest aspect of these overgrown tinkertoys is that instead of merely pumping out beats via a chip, they truly locomote and thrash the living daylights out of their instruments. So why would a talented musician like JBOT (aka San Francisco artist Jason Vance) give over his entire life to a heap of gears and wire? JBOT responds, "It's better than being in a band full of humans, I think."Get to Kings early Wednesday, Oct. 16 in order to catch trombonist Jeb Bishop's (Vandermark 5) jazz trio as well as the one of the best acts to ever be thrown out of a window, The Defenestrators, who kick things off at 9 p.m. --Zach Hanner

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